Monday, June 27, 2011

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Wae Rebo Traditional VillageWae Rebo Traditional VillageWae Rebo Traditional VillageDSCF4591Waerebo Village ManggaraiWaerebo traditional village Manggarai (2)
Sarong seller in KelimutuLake Kelimutu floresLake Kelimutu FloresElderly man in BoawaeTraditional Boxing in Boawae NagekeoTraditional Boxing in Boawae Nagekeo
Paga BeachPaga BeachKelimutu in the morningat Pangan Lokal restaurant EndeSunsetIn the morning in Kelimutu

Wae Rebo Traditional Village
the Authentic Housing of Manggarai, located about 1000m above sea level , in the middle of mountain. All are traditional houses, with really high roofs and they are on 5 levels - the top four are mainly used for storage and all the living areas are on the bottom. We will stay in a house with 8 families. Here you have chance to keep in touch with the people and learnt by seeing, asking, and feeling their culture, life and activities.

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