Sunday, May 5, 2013

Horse riding and trekking - Mbalata East Manggarai Flores island

Horse riding and trekking is our new product, this program combined with Flores adventure tours which start from Maumere in East Flores or Labuanbajo in West Flores. For horse riding and trekking located in Mbalata, start at 8 am from the beach of Mbalata, by horse riding to Watu Susu, a megalithic site of Rongga Koe in East Manggarai Regency. Horse riding takes for about 4 go and back hours then continue by trekking to see the graves and Batu Susu for about 1 hours, then ride back to the hotel.Savana, Aimere bay and Mount Ineria are the main landscape and sea view on the way to see, and also these megalithic site. more info:

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