Friday, January 28, 2011

Flores Exotic Tours

Flores Exotic Tours

We are a group of 8 young Florenese, having many years of experience in the field of tourism in Flores and Bali and have done local and international tourism training.

Our aim is to share our experiences with those who wish to know more about our Flores island and Komodo dragon island, including Komodo National Park and tiny surrounding islands near Labuanbajo in west Flores and Lembata and Alor islands to the east of Flores. In addition, we wish to show closely our pure nature, for others to enjoy the stunning beauty of Flores nature, to get closer with the friendly local tribes, to see with their own and wonderful arts and cultures, and to discover the world’s most diverse and exotic wildlife.

We also focus on ecotourism, community-based ecotourism, trekking and bird watching, as programs offered in Tado, Werang, Mbeliling, and Wae rebo Village, located in West Flores. This may help develop local community development, local economy and local resources

We are concerned about sustainable tourism development by helping local economy and resources and every visitor has high respect for local culture, people and nature.
Address : Jalan Kakatua 8 Ngencung Ruteng 86511 Flores East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Phone : +62 385 2705022
Fax : +62 385 21824
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